July 2019 Review

July 2019 was a very up and down month for the stocks that I'm currently holding in my Tesla2024 portfolio. On July 24, the portfolio was riding high, but then came earnings season. There will be ups and downs in this experiment, and I'm looking forward to them. The momentary gains and losses really don't mean much at this point. That said, July turned out to be a solid month even with the late month swoon.


7/1/2019 Open: 223.46
7/31/2019 Close: 241.61
Total Value: $5,315.42

Tesla released their 2019 Q2 earnings report on July 24, it was rough second quarter. Tesla fell far short of the earnings estimates that were predicted on Wall Street. This led to a massive 13.61% (-36.06) slide upon announcing the earning. Prior to the earnings announcment, the stock performed quite well getting all the way up a monthly high of 265 a share. The company says it's focusing on growth rather than profit. Hopefully the sacrifices now pay off in the long term.


7/1/2019 Open: 300.15
7/31/2019 Close: 317.88
Total Value: $1,593.50

Shopify turned in another positive month. The company is on a heck of a run in 2019. I've read people saying that the stock is the next Amazon. I highly doubt it'll ever be that large, but the company is performing well.


7/1/2019 Open: 227.78
7/31/2019 Close: 263.31
Total Value: $522.02

Another month, another solid performance from The Trade Desk. The streaming advertising service pushed to new heights in July.


7/1/2019 Open: 2.55
7/31/2019 Close: 3.47
Total Value: $343.00

NIO Inc. turned in a 37%+ gain in July. A lot of NIO's performance seems to be tied to Tesla's performance. If TSLA is up NIO usually is and vice versa.

Predictions for August

August is looking like it could be a down month. The Fed just announced rate cuts and the trade deal with China doesn't appear to be any closer. TSLA, SHOP, TTD, and NIO are companies that are shielded fairly well from these events that can greatly impact the markets. If people have less money to spend one of the first things they stop buying is luxury cars so TSLA is far from immune to an economic downturn.