An Experiment in Investing

Welcome to Tesla2024. Tesla2024 is an experiment in investing. The experiment has started, but the site work has only just begun. Updates are to come.

This site is under construction.


Don't Doubt Ur Vibe

Posted on: 2020-2-4

If you believe in a company, its products, and its leaders, it's probably worth considering as an investment. It's still early in my…

July 2019 Review

Posted on: 2019-7-31

July 2019 was a very up and down month for the stocks that I'm currently holding in my Tesla2024 portfolio. On July 24, the portfolio was…

June 2019 Review

Posted on: 2019-6-30

One thing I've learned from being a TSLA investor is that it's never boring. There's a lot of stocks that have relatively little movement…

May 2019 Review

Posted on: 2019-5-31

The first official month of Tesla2024 is in the books. It was a wild one for TSLA. It's amazing how much negative sentiment the company…

It Begins

Posted on: 2019-5-07

The start of anything is always exciting. I'm excited about this. I wanted to take more risks 2019, this is one way to do it. This is Tesla…