June 2019 Review

One thing I've learned from being a TSLA investor is that it's never boring. There's a lot of stocks that have relatively little movement from day to day, TSLA is not one of them. After an exciting month of new lows in May, there was all kinds of action again in June.

An interesting thing I did was add a lotto ticket stock into the mix. I added NIO Inc. into the portfolio. The company makes electric cars in China. They aren't as advanced or a dominant force in the field yet, but they could be someday. It's a risky play for sure, but I didn't put much money into so I'm looking forward to watching the company grow.


6/1/2019 Open: 185.16
6/30/2019 Close: 223.46

TSLA bounced back after a rocky May. It likely won't be smooth sailing from here all the way until 2024, no one should expect it to be, but things are looking up. The stock performed so well on the strength of vehicle delivery numbers for the second quarter.


6/1/2019 Open: 274.90
6/30/2019 Close: 300.15

SHOP launched all the up past 350 a share in the middle of the month but came back down to earth a bit to close the month.


6/1/2019 Open: 198.81
6/30/2019 Close: 227.78

TTD had a great performance overall for the month. I think that TTD grew on the strength of the hype around the company and increasing its customer base.


6/1/2019 Open: 3.03
6/12/2019 Initial Purchase Price: 2.57
6/30/2019 Close: 2.55

NIO is a pure lotto play. For $257, it's a risk I'm willing to take. I know one thing for sure, I'd rather have this than 50 $5 scratchers.

Predictions for July

July likely won't be quite as good as June. I'm expecting the share prices to hold stable in July. I could see it going either way though.