May 2019 Review

The first official month of Tesla2024 is in the books. It was a wild one for TSLA. It's amazing how much negative sentiment the company endured this month. It seemed like every day there was a new hit piece. When a company's finances aren't looking so great and there are a ton of motivated people shorting the stock, that's a recipe for strife. I'm sure a lot of the negativity was deserved, but it seemed a little over the top. The company still has a great product no matter bears are saying.


5/1/2019 Open: 238.85
5/31/2019 Close: 185.16

May was not a good month for TSLA. A 53.69-point loss is a rough month for any stock.


5/1/2019 Open: 242.85
5/31/2019 Close: 274.90

SHOP had a good month with a 32.05 point rise.


5/1/2019 Open: 222.89
5/31/2019 Close: 198.81

TTD had a less than ideal month with a 24.08-point drop. TTD has a business model that is built for future. There will be good and bad months in the company's future, this one just happened to be bad.

Predictions for June

I think June will be less of a roller coaster ride. TSLA will likely stabilize a bit, but the bleeding may not be over.